1)    Do I need to hire a programmer?

No, using BCP you can build a highly functional background screening portal without programming.  BCP provides menu driven processes for configuring features and content.

2)    Do I need to know HTML?

No, BCP includes a number of attractive pre-built templates for you to choose from thus eliminating the need to know HTML. All features are configured using a menu driven process and do not require knowledge of HTML.  BCP also includes a built-in editor to format content without knowledge of HTML.  HTML skills are necessary to customize template and to create new templates.  Our team of experts is available to perform this task for you.

3)    Can I brand my BCP website with my company logo and name?

Yes, you can load your own logo and company information for display on all web pages, reports, and invoices.

4)    Can I create my own website design?

Yes, BCP creates web pages using customizable templates that give you total control over your website’s design.  You can copy and modify our standard templates or create new ones from scratch.

5)    Can I accept major credit cards directly on my website?

Yes, you can.

6)    Can I set my own report pricing for my clients?

Yes, you can even set specific pricing for specific customers or groups of customers.

7)    Can I charge court fees in addition to report fees?

Yes, you can define a separate fee schedule for each report type.

8)    Do all plans include all features?

Yes, all plans include all features listed on our Overview page.

9)    What if I need additional features that are not part of BCP?

We have a community development program that makes adding additional features affordable.  Please contact us for more information.

10) Can I have my own SSL Certificate?

Yes.  You may purchase it direct from us or from another provider.  There is a small fee of $75 to install the certificate.

11) Can I use my own data provider accounts?

Yes.  You create your own accounts with each data provider. 

12) Do you charge report transaction fees?

Yes.  We charge a 49¢ fee per report.  We do not charge any other transaction fees.

13) What if I already have a website and want to keep it, can I integrate BCP into it?

Yes, and we can even match your existing website design.

14) Is the background reports, client information, and other data secured?

Yes.  Keeping your data secure is our number one priority. BCP was designed from the ground up to prevent unauthorized access to data. You control who can access what features and what data on your website.  Our server facility is a state-of-the-art Tier III, SAS 70 Type II compliant data center located in Irvine, California. This facility boasts fully redundant power with diesel generators for backup, diverse paths and providers for Internet access, and multi-tiered reliable security services. Each of our servers is configured with a shared highly assured SSL Certificate with 256 bit encryption for secure connections. You may also install your own SSL Certificate. Websites are backed up nightly. 

15) Can I host BCP on my own server?

Yes, and you may migrate it from our hosted server to your own server at any time. Note that additional license and other fees may apply. Please contact us for details.

16) Is there a limit to the number of products or other types of records?

No, BCP supports an unlimited number of products and records of all types.  Pricing may vary depending on the number of records and you may upgrade to a different pricing plan as your organization grows.

17) Does BCP support bulk emailing?

Yes, BCP includes an industrial grade email engine that can support automated email broadcasts to thousands of recipients.  Emails can be personalized using mail merge tags. Note that we only allow permission based emailing. We don’t permit SPAM.  Note that BCP emails can be configured to include an opt-out link that will remove a user’s email from future broadcasts.

18) We want to convert to BCP. Can we import data from our existing website?

Yes, you can import your contacts including customers, members, vendors, and employees; companies; web pages; digital content including documents and all other file types; products including pictures, inventory, downloads, comparable products, related products, product kits and SEO data; job listings; exchange listings; and more. It’s easy with BCP’s import tool.

19) Do you provide training?

Yes, we provide onsite training, webinar training, and video based training. Training programs can be tailored to your needs.  Please contact us for details. We also offer a variety of online resources including context sensitive help within the administrative section of your website, help guides, tutorials and support forums.

20) How long has Brolin been in business?

25 years!  We started in 1986 as a consulting service and custom programming shop and incorporated Brolin in 1994. The BCP product was initially released in 2010 and we have been continuously improving it ever since.

21) Is BCP optimized for search engines?

Yes, BCP is designed to get you maximum exposure on the search engines.  Many of our client’s websites rank on the first page of Google for their important keywords. Our search engine optimization features include the ability to automatically generate or manually define page titles, meta tag keywords, meta tag descriptions, and human readable URLs. No programming or HTML knowledge is required. All features and individual records provide simple data entry forms for SEO data.  BCP also automatically generates a Google Site Map. You can define default SEO values and override them for individual pages and groups of page.  You can also import these values.

22) Is BCP offered as a Cloud based service?

Yes, BCP is offered as a Cloud based service thus eliminating the hassles and high cost of maintaining your own IT infrastructure.  We are currently in the process of developing Cloud based file management that will eliminate the need to maintain expensive file servers in-house. Simply drag and drop files on the Cloud icon within Windows Explorer or any other Windows application and your files will be safely and securely stored in the Cloud; accessible from anywhere at any time!  Please contact us for details and to register as a beta tester.

23) Do you offer a reseller program?

Yes.  Please contact us for details.





Unfortunately we are not able to take on new clients for BCP because we lost our business partner. We hope to be able to offer the BCP product in the future. Thanks for your consideration.  

Why Use Us:

  • Outstanding Personal Service.
  • Turnkey solution.
  • Fully customizable.
  • No software to install (100% Web based).
  • User friendly interface.
  • Comprehensive instant and traditional background checks.
  • Comprehensive pre employment screening & hiring solutions.
  • Nationwide Criminal and Civil court records (County, State & Federal).
  • Nationwide Motor Vehicle Records.
  • Nationwide Eviction Records.
  • Employment, Education, Professional, and Reference Verifications.
  • Sex Offender, Social Security Trace and Address History.
  • Drug Testing.
  • Fast Report Turnaround Times.
  • Easy to read standardized report format.

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